Who We Are

 Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) challenges men to an uncommon pursuit of Christ. We facilitate small groups of committed believers who refuse to be satisfied with the status quo and desire a deeper relationship with Christ.





Most men have many acquaintances, but few trusted friends. Along with the truth from scripture, the potential for meaningful relationships with other men is perhaps the most needed and appreciated aspect of the CLC training process. CLC leadership training takes place with a small group of men who desire to grow in their faith, their awareness of God's work in their lives, and their places of service within the body of Christ. Transparent bonding, trust, vulnerability, and unwavering accountability are forged during this time. Men learn to "do life together" as they lead at home, church, work, and in their communities.


CLC gives men the tools they need to lead, serve and become men of God. The "secret sauce," as it has been called, is experiencing life change with a dedicated band of brothers.

Tragically, most Christian men have no idea who they are in Christ, but once they truly understand, believe, and embrace how God sees them, then what is expected of them as Christian men suddenly makes sense. Leadership at home, church, and work becomes a natural overflow of that dynamic relationship with Christ. Leadership is no longer forced or temporary, but an extension of who God created them to be.



A life-changing experience, since 1982


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