From Participants

I started CLC with the hope of gaining more knowledge about God and how to be a disciple. While I can confidently say I have made progress toward this goal, I have also experienced a far greater benefit in how my relationship with the Lord has grown. I found a dynamic relationship that has caused me to re-examine how I worship, serve, and relate to those around me. This change was unexpected and wonderful.
— (Jacksonville, FL)
I have been a believer for over 40 years and have been involved in many different groups and Bible studies. CLC is the most in depth Christian leadership curriculum I have ever encountered. The challenge to share deep fellowship with Christian brothers and the shoulder-to-shoulder journey through the material has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I highly recommend that you make the time to use this course and deepen your relationship with God.
— (Knoxville, TN)
When I think of my CLC experience, there is one thing that stands out. I can actually remember the day that my marriage was transformed, and it was during the Leading My Family section. Since then, my marriage has been absolutely beautiful! This one part of my life has overflowed into almost every other aspect - work, extended family, friends, etc.
— (Vancouver BC, Canada)

From Pastors

We have seen the life-transforming force CLC can be for men as well as for our entire church. Men come away from the experience with a mature and deeper faith, and a stronger sense of being a disciple and servant of Christ. Their passion attracts other men who desire a deeper walk with Jesus. The fellowship among these men is heartwarming. CLC has been a catalyst for our church’s strength and growth.
— (Pittsburgh, PA)
I have seen first-hand that the men who have worked through this incredible CLC curriculum are some of the strongest leaders we have in our church. I have seen these men reach out and support each other in the years since completing the work. I have seen evidence that their families are stronger because of their experience in a CLC group.
— (Nashville, TN)
I have been very pleased that CLC wants to assist the church and not compete with it. CLC is truly “for the church” by training men to be leaders in their families, in the church, and in the world.
— (Orlando, FL)

From Community Leaders

“Imagine a husband, father, son, or friend joining 8-12 other guys who encourage him to be a leader who ‘makes God smile.’ Where would you find a man whose ear is tuned to the gentle whisper of a Father who lasts forever, a Counselor full of wonder, and a Prince bringing peace and wholeness? My answer would be CLC. I can hear my CLC friends in the background saying, ‘Amen, Amen. Buckle up, it is quite a ride.’”
— (Herbert Slatery, Attorney General, State of Tennessee)
“CLC helped me grow and mature as a Christian. I learned how to build stronger relationships with my family, my church, and within my business and community. The ultimate fulfillment of a CLC-trained leader is to build a solid foundation in their home and church and then to go into their community and make an impact doing God’s work by serving others.”
— (Danny Herron, CEO, Habitat for Humanity)
“Marketplace evangelism is how many people will meet God in the coming years. CLC equips Marketplace Leaders with the courage and tools to live their faith out in such a way that others meet Christ. We are huge CLC fans.”
— (Dave Ramsey, Best Selling Author and Radio Host)